GAF’s Virtual Roof Experience Helps Homeowners Learn About Their Roof

GAF has recently launched their new Virtual Roof (VR) Experience, which debuted at the recent International Roofing Expo. This tool educates homeowners about how their roofing system works and helps them actually visualize how a particular style of roofing would look on their home. As a GAF Master Elite™ Contractor, we can also provide better service to our clients with this tool. Read on to learn more.

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GAF’s VR Experience

What’s the VR Experience All About?

GAF’s VR Experience brings the property owner to the roofing instead of the other way around. Using VR technology, homeowners are taken into a virtual cul-de-sac where they can see for themselves what their prospective new roofing would really look like. You can also explore virtual hotspots on the roof that explain each particular roofing element and its role.

How Does This Benefit You?

The VR experience acts as a sort of preview of your new roofing. The experience itself educates you on the different roofing styles, the areas they excel at, and the contribution of each roofing element to the performance of the whole system.

How Does This Improve Our Services?

The benefit we get from this new technology is simple; it’s a tool that lets us vividly show you what your house would look like with a GAF certified roofing product. You also get a guarantee from us that the roofing we will install on your home is not just visually appealing, but is exactly right for your house in terms of performance.

GAF’s VR Experience is a revolutionary tool that makes choosing a roof and learning more about it easy and fun to do. We’re proud to have access to this new technology.

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