How Something So Seemingly Harmless Like Rain Can Cause the Most Damage

Choosing a roof can be tricky — you have to consider a lot of factors before deciding because it will be for the long term. Most of the time, your decision will be based on an area’s climate, since it affects the roof directly.

Roofers in Westchester, NY usually deal with water on a regular basis because rainfall is plentiful in that area and this should not be taken lightly because while it seems harmless enough, water can cause the most damage to your roof. Therefore, maintenance and inspections are very important. Even the smallest points of damage should be attended to right away; otherwise, the consequences could be serious.

A perfect example of this is in a news article from, which happened in nearby Syracuse:

18 people were forced out of their homes when an apartment building on Seeley Road in Syracuse suffered heavy damage due to rain on Tuesday, according to the Red Cross.

Syracuse Deputy Fire Chief Steve Cavuto said that the building did not collapse.

Cavuto said workers were repairing a leaking roof when they covered it with tarp in anticipation of the rain.

When the tarp blew off, the building was compromised and rain poured into attic spaces and the walls.

Some of the sheet rock in the ceiling collapsed, according to Cavuto.

How do you know if the rains haven’t already started affecting your roof? The only way to know for sure is to hire home improvement experts like Vinylume Home Improvement that understand the needs for roofing of Westchester residents.

The company is a GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractor that offers services like roof repair or replacement, maintenance and inspections. They offer their customers a lifetime product warranty, a 20-year workmanship guarantee and a 3-year service warranty. These guarantees are a key part of their company mission, which is to build long term relationships with their customers based on integrity and trust – something you can’t take lightly, especially once the rains come crashing down in your area.

(Article Excerpt and Image from The Effect of Heavy Rains on Roof,

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