How The GAF Virtual Home Remodeler Works

Many homeowners have a hard time visualizing how a new roof would look with their existing architecture, which makes the process of deciding on a roofing material very stressful. That’s why GAF created their innovative Virtual Home Remodeler, a product that allows you to actually see how different types of roofing would look on your house.


At Vinylume, we always recommend this product to homeowners undertaking roofing projects. Here’s how it works:

Lets You Experiment With Different Architectural Styles

The program allows you to upload a photo of your home’s façade so you can see how different roof styles would look on it. If you want to toy around with different architectural styles, you can do that too—the program features a broad selection of pre-set façade samples you can play with.

Suggests Curated Palettes

If picking color schemes is not your forte, the program has a quick fix for that too. To relieve you the burden of creating an exterior color scheme from scratch, GAF Virtual Home Remodeler offers a couple of handpicked palettes by leading designers.

Allows You to Modify Specific Elements

Don’t worry—even if you select a complete “designer’s choice” color combination, you can still make tweaks to the style of your roofing system, exterior walls, and house trim. The tool narrows down your options, giving you the freedom to explore different products from color families or specific palettes.

Recommends Complementary Matches

Every time you choose a product, GAF Virtual Home Remodeler automatically generates the best complementary elements. This greatly reduces the chances of mismatching.

Helps You Visualize the Changing Seasons

Your exterior will have a different aesthetic in the middle of the summer than it would in the dead of winter. Because it can be hard to imagine how the changing seasons will affect your home’s appearance, this innovative tool allows you to see how your home’s look will transform throughout the day and the year, giving you the luxury of witnessing how color shades look different from morning to afternoon, winter to summer.

Lets You Zoom In for a Closer View

The GAF Virtual Home Remodeler has a zoom-in feature, letting you appreciate the texture of different products up close. This is a neat way to compare and contrast roofing, siding, and trim materials.

User Friendly

The program lets you go back to the home page, load your other projects, save your work, and more. Plus, its undo and redo buttons encourage you to make mistakes and play with different designs.

Provides Assistance in One Click

If you have questions or concerns about the tool, just click the Questions/Feedback link to leave a comment.

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