How to Match Your Roof and Siding

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Dec. 31 2018

Are you having a hard time matching your roof and siding so that it can complement your home’s exterior design? Carefully examining your options is one of many ways to solve this. Choosing matching colors and designs may be an intimidating task but consider these steps before choosing the perfect color for your siding and roof.

How to Match Your Roof and Siding

Identify Permanent Features and Elements

There are things you must consider before choosing the designs and colors you will use: the roof and your surrounding landscape. Consider your roof when picking an exterior siding color. Harmony is key so make sure that they match. Evaluate your landscape and consider your front lawn, backyard and surroundings to complement the color and design of your home’s exterior design.

Identify Your Home Style

Understanding the the origin or history of your home is important because its style will help you identify which roof and horizontal vinyl siding color you can choose. You should also consider the weather in your home’s location because it will determine the type of siding in that region.

Understanding Basic Design Rules

Choosing a light color will make your home look bigger. If you have a small home, do not have your siding painted a darker color because it will appear smaller. Your roof should be darker than your siding so make sure both of the colors complement each other. You may stay in the same color scheme but you can choose a different hue for each.

Choosing a Color

After taking all of these considerations, you are now ready to pick a color for your vinyl siding that will match and complement your roof. There are visualization tools online that can help you figure out which colors match. You can also ask your contractor to provide color samples so you can check them at different times of the day.

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