Post-Winter Siding Care: Preparing for Seasons to Come

The upsides of a siding system: It shields your home from various elements, helps keep your heating and cooling costs down, and provides an attractive appearance to your overall structure. That’s function and aesthetic value rolled into one.

After conquering tough winter months, what’s next for your siding in Connecticut? Don’t you think it’s time to start on freshening up and repairing possible problems that the colder months have brought about?


Even siding of highest quality will deteriorate over time. It could be because of old age, use of subpar material, poor installation, inclement weather, and several other reasons. Point is, you need to make time for inspection. It doesn’t have to be grand; you can simply schedule a personal look-over, especially after winter.

Go over your entire siding structure and check for any damage. See if you can catch any cracking or buckling issues. Weird odor and leaks won’t be perceptible until after a few months, but some minor problems are pretty visible, so inspections would be valuable when creating an action plan this early.

Spring Cleaning

Winter can leave a hefty mess. It makes sense to start your cleaning with your exterior components such as your siding. One advantage of using vinyl siding is that it’s easier to clean. Simply get a long-bristled brush and a mild cleaning agent. When scrubbing, make sure you work from the bottom all the way up.

A power washer is also a good alternative, but you need to consult your siding installer first before proceeding. Not all siding materials are the same. And since manufacturer warranties are important, don’t forget to check the manual before trying anything on your siding.


Sometimes, issues that can’t be fixed by repair calls for the next best thing: a siding replacement. Part of your post-winter upkeep is making sure your home is well prepared for the next seasons and weather shifts to come, and you can’t do that with a faulty siding.

The good news is, here at Vinylume, we offer excellent vinyl siding in CT. They are easy to maintain, provide superior protection, are energy-efficient, and excellently blocks unwanted air and noise. On top of that, it has a moisture-management feature which lets moisture escape and allows your walls to breathe.

We can help shield your home with our top-notch vinyl siding solutions. Just give us a call today at (866) 244-8029 and our expert installers will be happy to assist you.

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