Preparation Tips to Make Your Siding Project Successful

Siding project
Jul. 24 2017

In a siding installation, hiring a professional is just half of the job. You may not get your hands dirty during construction, but you have active roles to play to make your project successful.


Siding Project Successful

To prepare for your siding replacement properly, Vinylume shares some sound pieces of advice:

Know the Unknown

Unpleasant surprises are the top cause of delay among home improvement projects. Apart from derailing siding replacement, unforeseen structural problems could make your budget a disaster too. Knowledge is your only weapon to overcome anything that may arise along the way.

With over 70 years in the business, there’s a good chance we already know the structural challenges we could possibly encounter once your project begins. We’ll tell you what concerns us about your siding installation to incorporate contingencies into your budget from the get-go.

Understand the Schedule

Beyond knowing the expected start and completion dates, you must have a complete view of the fiber cement or vinyl siding project’s sequence. This way, you know the deadline of each stage of work, helping you keep track of everything.

Consider Living Someplace Else Temporarily

Noise and mess are two inescapable things in siding replacement. If you think they could make your life miserable while your project is underway, we advise you to stay somewhere else until it completes. This is especially true when you have kids or pets. We recommend living nearby to make it easier for you to monitor the project’s progress with ease.

Put a Premium on Communication

Establishing good communication is the secret to avoid misunderstandings and disputes in fiber cement or vinyl siding installations. Plus, it would help you get the best work from us.

At Vinylume, we’ll determine the most convenient method of communication for us. We recommend meeting daily face-to-face to discuss progress reports. While our crew is professional and approachable, we’ll provide you a point of contact with whom you can express your concerns or ask your questions easily.

Turn to the premier siding installer in Connecticut to ensure the success of your CT project. Call Vinylume today at (866) 244-8029 to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

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