Questions to Ask When Choosing a Siding Color

The color of your siding affects both how you feel about your home and its value. Vinylume Home Improvement lists down some questions to ask when deciding on the right color scheme for your home:

What’s the Color Scheme in Your Neighborhood?
Drive around your neighborhood and take note of the color scheme in your area, particularly of homes styled similar to yours. You want your home to make a mark, but you also want your façade to look good against the other homes. Then again, if you live in an eclectic neighborhood, you have more flexibility when choosing the color of your siding in CT.

What’s Your Home’s Architecture?
The architecture of your home gives visual cues that you should consider. Colonial homes, for instance, are often painted in a single color. Other home styles such as country or cottage may offer you more freedom when choosing colors.

What’s Your Climate?
Your choice of siding color may look cheerful on a sunny day but dreary on a winter afternoon. Remember: colors appear brighter under the intense sunlight during summertime. If your area receives more rain or snow than sunlight, you may want to stay away from very light colors.

What Color is Your Roof?
The lifespan of siding materials may vary, but the average roof lasts from 20 to 30 years. This means you should consider the color of your roof when choosing your siding color. If the color of your roofing is dark, consider CT vinyl siding in a lighter color. A neutral roof color may allow more options for the exterior scheme.

How Big is Your Home?
Color swatches, when viewed on their own, can be deceiving. A dark color may look rich and unique, but it can make a mid-to-large-scale house appear gloomy. At the same time, smaller homes painted in very light colors might not stand out in their landscapes.

If you’re still stymied about which color scheme to choose, seek help from businesses like Vinylume Home Improvement. We offer vinyl siding in a broad palette of colors and patterns. You may choose from various profiles, including horizontal and vertical panels, shingles, scallops, shakes, traditional lap, Dutch lap and beaded designs in various widths.

We will be glad to help you find the siding that suits your lifestyle and your home’s existing architecture. Call us today at (866) 244-8029 for a free estimate.

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