Roofing Contractor for Homeowners in South Salem and Pound Ridge, NY

Signature Exteriors Connecticut Roofing Contractor
Feb. 2 2021

You need to speak to a roofing contractor about installing a new roof, but the last thing you have time for is an obnoxious pitch from an inexperienced salesman.

At Signature Exteriors, we understand your time is valuable and making decisions about installing a new roof can be stressful for you, your spouse, and your family. When one of our experts arrives at your home in the communities of South Salem, NY, or Pound Ridge, NY, to inspect your roof and prepare an estimate for a roof replacement cost, we are there to provide you with a factual assessment and offer our best recommendations for installing a roof.

What our roofing representative will not do when he is at your home to give you a roof replacement cost estimate is attempt to upsell you on products and services that won’t help solve your immediate roofing concerns. What our representative will do is give you an estimate that identifies the areas of your roof that need to be addressed and the materials and products that will make your roof safe for the next 15 to 20 years.

As a leading roofing contractor in Westchester County, NY, for more than 70 years, Signature Exteriors has a history of superior quality and craftsmanship that few companies in the Northeast can match. The experience of tens of thousands of successful installations means our roof replacement cost estimators, installers, and inspectors have seen just about every type of roofing issue imaginable.

Installing roofs for homeowners in the communities of South Salem and Pound Ridge can have unique challenges for even the most experienced roofing contractor.

Historic homes in the area can have extreme pitches or require unique materials. Large estates may be covered in slate, a durable stone material that can last for decades but also requires the supporting structure to be engineered to ensure it can support the added weight. Many homes are covered in wood shingles, a classic material that needs to be installed over some type of substrate that allows air to circulate beneath the shingles. If the substrate isn’t installed correctly, mildew, moss, and mold can begin to grow, which would require periodic and expensive cleaning.

Here’s what to expect when a Signature Exteriors representative visits your home to start preparing an estimate for a full roof replacement cost.

Walking the roof

Once on site, our roofing expert will get on your roof and inspect every area, looking for obvious signs of water penetration, wood rot, or shingles that are broken or damaged. All areas of damage or concern will be noted so the estimator can discuss each issue with you before he leaves your home or in a follow-up phone call.

On target estimations

Our experience guarantees that our estimate will take into account days on the job, repairs required before the actual roof is installed, and an accurate estimation of all needed roofing materials. Nothing frustrates a homeowner more than being presented with multiple change orders that increase the cost of a project.

A worthwhile warranty

Our record of successful installations speaks for itself. However, even the best roofing contractor can make a mistake. That’s why Signature Exterior backs up every installation with a 20-year workmanship warranty. If it’s wrong, we fix it. Be sure to ask our competitors about their warranties when they come out for an estimate.

Signature Exteriors has been around for seven decades because we install quality roofing that will last, and install them at a reasonable cost. Call 1-866-244-8029 today or visit our website for a roof replacement cost estimate that will accurately reflect the work needed at your home.

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