Roofing Project 101: The Importance of In-Home Assessment

Roof maintenance is no rocket science, but it isn’t guesswork, either. Before you start any roofing project, an in-home assessment is necessary. Here’s why.Accurate Evaluation

Any reliable contractor, like us here at Vinylume Home Improvement, would know that you can’t just show up at a home to perform a replacement or repair right then and there. We make it a point to inspect your roofing in Danbury CT first to know its condition and then we determine the right way to fix the issues. We’re only too happy to climb up your roof ourselves to see what the problem is.

We’re experienced contractors, but that doesn’t mean we can diagnose your roof through a phone call. Don’t trust roofers who say they can! Besides, there are less obvious roofing issues that many homeowners may miss during their DIY checks. It’s best to have us perform an on-site inspection in order to determine the condition of your roof correctly.

Proper Solution

An inspection is only effective if you follow it up with proper repairs promptly. The earlier you resolve an issue, the longer you extend the service life of your roof. Take a small leak for example. If you don’t have it fixed before it gets worse, it can damage not only the roof, but also the surrounding structures of the home. Repairing a large affected area is not only time-consuming; it is also costly. Save yourself from expensive mistakes like this by dealing with your roofing issues as soon as you finish inspection.

At Vinylume, not only do we personally inspect our clients’ roof, we also provide a complete report that includes recommendations for repairs and replacement. We recommend a reroof when we find that your roof is beyond its lifecycle. We also advise it when we detect these serious roofing problems:

  • Major leaks, evidenced by spotting or streaking of interior ceilings and outside walls
  • Severely curled, cracked, or damaged shingles
  • Excessive granule loss on shingles, which indicates that your shingles are very old
  • Too much mold or moss growth, which are signs of decay, as you’re likely to find a rotted decking underneath
  • Recurring ice dams forming on roof eaves and gutters

Our in-home inspection is completely free of charge! Make the most of this service by calling us at (866) 244-8029 today.

Vinylume Home Improvement is a premier provider of services for doors, windows, siding, gutters, and roofing Fairfield CT residents have been turning to for 70 years. We use materials from the most trusted names in the manufacturing business. Our company installs roofing systems from GAF, the leading manufacturer of high quality shingles in the country. We back our work with excellent factory warranties and exceptional techniques.

We’re with you at every step of the project, from planning to actual installation or repair. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate of our home improvement services.

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