Shingle Problems: Thermal Splitting and Cracking

Dec. 18 2018

Your roofing system is exposed to the weather 24/7. Some shingles, like those from GAF, are sturdier than others, but all shingles sustain damage over time, whether they were installed properly or not.

Shingle Problems: Thermal Splitting and Cracking

It helps to learn how to identify the kind of damage your roof is suffering. Signature Exteriors discusses thermal splitting and cracking and the impact this can cause on your roof.

Thermal Splitting and Cracking

Thermal splitting typically involves a “cut” running down the entire shingle. A crack, on the other hand, is usually limited to the surface of the shingle. Thermal splitting is due to the contraction and expansion the shingle experiences as a result of changing temperatures. Whether you have conventional 3-tab shingles or laminated asphalt shingles, you may have to deal with thermal damage like this if your home is exposed to extreme temperature swings. Cracks typically happen due to impact, whether from hail or from wind-borne debris.

Asphalt roof shingles have an anti-wind uplift adhesive. Sometimes, the adhesive is too strong, causing the shingles to bond into a single continuous surface that lacks movement.

How to Spot the Problem

Various tears or splits may occur on your asphalt roof shingles. Roofing contractors are no stranger in dealing with such roof problems. Look for horizontal or vertical tears across multiple 3-tab shingles. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal tears can also happen across multiple strip-type shingles. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal and corner tears may be found on multiple laminated shingles. Your roofer can check for such issues more accurately and have suggestions for taking care of them.

Splits or Cracks in Organic Asphalt Shingles 

A roofing system with organic mat asphalt shingles may display cracking and granule loss. Organic or fiberglass-based shingles that are defective may experience failures such as cracking, tearing, blistering and granule shedding.

Signature Exteriors works with clients in Greenwich and Danbury, CT. If you notice any cracks or splits on your roofing system, don’t hesitate to call us immediately at (866) 244-8029.

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