Some Roofing Issues Simply Are Not Visible

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you perform thorough checks of your roof at least twice a year. We agree. Inspections are necessary to prolonging the lifespan of your roof, especially if it’s more than 10 years old. They allow an expert to spot signs of wear and resolve them before they turn into bigger problems.

Many homeowners check their roofs on their own. They look for popped nails, missing or cracked shingles, and so on. These problems are easy to spot. The catch is, not all roofing issues can be easily detected, especially by untrained eyes. Your best bet is to enlist the help of expert roofing contractors in Stamford CT, to perform an inspection. Professionals are trained to spot, assess and resolve even hidden roofing problems.

An example is rotted decking. Roof decking (or sheathing) is the base to which shingles and other roofing materials are applied. Because decking is covered, it’s especially difficult to detect rot. It’s better to leave this task to expert roofers so that you can avoid further damaging the roof.

Some leaks can be extremely difficult to locate. A water leak can travel for several feet before leaving a mark, but a professional roofer can trace it back to its source.

Attic insulation problems are also tricky.  They typically occur within ceiling or wall cavities. Wet insulation loses its insulating ability over time. When this happens, many homeowners tend to overwork their HVAC systems to keep the interior temperature comfortable. You’re better off letting experts deal with this problem early on to avoid extreme energy loss down the line.

Here at Vinylume Home Improvement, we’re just the kind of professionals who can properly diagnose and repair troublesome areas. We offer comprehensive inspections and in-home assessments of roofing in Stamford CT, and all surrounding areas. Give us a call at (866) 244-8029 to get peace of mind and reliable care for your home.

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