Take a Chance with your new Vinyl Siding Colors

Dec. 2 2020

You’ve been considering an exterior makeover for your home, but you can’t make a decision on a material, texture or color. Here is a suggestion: How about making a switch up the vinyl siding colors?

To get a look at some of the newest colors, textures and designs in vinyl siding, contact Signature Exteriors in Stamford, CT. Signature Exteriors is one of the oldest and most reputable siding contractors in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY, and has installed vinyl siding on thousands of homes in the Northeast.

Vinyl siding isn’t a new product, but it has changed for the better over the years. New colors and textures mean you’re not limited to a mundane color palette or limited to a basic texture any more. Vinyl siding has more “wow factor” than ever before and is manufactured to stand up to years of harsh Northeast winters.

And by hiring Signature Exteriors, you’ll be working with one of the most experienced vinyl siding installers in the Northeast.

Signature Exteriors carries a full line of vinyl siding products from CertainTeed, one of the most respected names in the vinyl siding industry. CertainTeed manufactures four distinct style options: Impressions (which mimics the look of cedar), Monogram (which resembles the look of wood), Board and Batten and Chamfer Board. Each style option is available in colors ranging from reds, greens and blues to earth tones and whites.

As one of the most respected vinyl siding installers in Connecticut, Signature Exteriors can upgrade the look of your home with new vinyl siding from CertainTeed, one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl siding in the country. Here are some other ideas that may help you when deciding what color and what type of materials to purchase from siding contractors.

Don’t be limited by existing architecture

The current architectural style of your home should not dictate the color of siding you choose. Even on traditional styles like Victorian and Colonial, bold can be beautiful. Acquire samples from various siding contractors and attach them to your home. You might be surprised at what you see from color samples that you might not have ever considered, or the energy efficiency that vinyl siding materials can add to your home.

Think of the process as a personal adventure

With more options in vinyl siding colors, you can have more fun choosing a color scheme and the accents to go with it. Adding small elements of color to windows, doors and trim can create a personal touch and curb appeal that will be seen by everyone in the neighborhood. Shake things up by adding some flair to a traditional look.

It’s not a bad idea to work with what you have

There are certain aspects of your home that are most likely not going to change. The roof, any stonework, and walkways are likely going to stay where they are located currently. So, color choices should tie all the existing materials together. If you like the color of your current façade or stonework, choose color samples from vinyl siding installers that could create a cohesive look.

Now that you have a few ideas, hire one of the best siding contractors when you call Signature Exteriors. Call 866.244.8029 today to schedule a free consultation. You can also to schedule a meeting online or take a look at our vinyl siding styles and colors at https://www.signatureexteriors.com/siding/vinyl-siding-options/.

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