The Difference between Weatherization and Winterization

Is your home ready for winter? The season brings new challenges for your home, so you need to prepare. Vinylume Home Improvement examines the differences between weatherization and winterizing. We also discuss comfort and efficiency, along with the ways to keep your home warm during winter.

Weatherization vs. Winterization

The difference between weatherization and winterizing is time. Winterization projects are short-term and aim for temporary changes that have small benefits. Weatherization on the other hand, involves long-term and permanent improvement of your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Installing insulated vinyl siding in Connecticut is a weatherization project, for example. Winterization projects only make sense if you are a renter. If you plan to stay in your home, it’s more effective to weatherize.

Comfort vs. Efficiency

During your home improvement projects, comfort and efficiency may sometimes be at odds. Imagine having drafty windows, which are noticeable and uncomfortable. This means you might caulk, seal, or patch up your windows. This will make your room more comfortable, but it does little to improve your home’s efficiency. In this case, it’s better to choose the more efficient option, which is window replacement. This not only increases you comfort, but it also saves you off your utility bills.

Keep Warm This Winter with Our Products

Those are the reasons you should invest in replacement windows, doors, and siding in Connecticut this winter. This is especially true if your current windows, doors, and siding are damaged or old. This will provide your home with long-term benefits and improve both your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Renewal by Andersen® manufactures our windows, which feature special insulating glass that can save you money on your utility bills. Our entry doors and French doors also have similar features. We can also combine our vinyl siding with effective insulation to increase your home’s R-value. Our vinyl siding also offers excellent protection against noise, air infiltration, and moisture. It’s a low maintenance option that comes in a wide range of colors and styles.

These home improvement projects will protect your home from the harsh winter weather and will keep you and your family warm and cozy this entire season. Vinylume Home Improvement has a record of outstanding service, high quality products, and perfect installations. Our 70 years of experience mean we know how to handle virtually any kind of home improvement project for any style of home. Give us a call to learn more about our products and services or to get a free estimate.

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