The Secret to Roofing and Siding is Signature Exteriors

Jul. 3 2021

Every homeowner needs protection on the inside and outside of their house. That’s why signature exteriors provide the best roofing and siding, as well as other roofing services. We have an extensive list of accolades including over 10,000 roofing projects, and seven decades of experience.

We’ve used a combination of our experience and quality materials to deliver the best service ensuring customer satisfaction. We will provide you with unmatched GAF roofing products to keep your roof in the best shape.

Our GAF products come in a multitude of different colors and styles. With their sturdy materials layered perfectly, they provide you with the ideal ventilation that lasts for decades. GAF has been so good throughout the years that it has gotten the Good housekeeping seal of approval for best roofing and siding.

In the chance that something happens to your roof, we provide up to 50 years of warranty for any material defects. This means that you won’t need any more roof replacements or roof installation.

Signature exteriors have provided people with the best resources since 1951. We were ranked the number one roofing contractor in Fairfield and Westchester counties. We focus on every detail without cutting corners to ensure you won’t need another roof replacement.

We are not like other roofing companies that upscale their prices and provide low-quality service. We know exactly how much it costs to get the job done well, and that’s what we charge. We also provide 10-point roof inspections and free estimates on roof replacements for the best roofing and siding prices.

Signature exteriors have over 70 years of siding experience including vinyl siding and different siding options. We have done over 10,000 siding projects for houses in the last 70 years. We use the right materials to make sure your house looks beautiful throughout the years.

Vinyl siding is low maintenance, vented, long-lasting, and keeps your home free from unwanted noise from outside. It also lowers your home’s R-value which means you can save money throughout the process.

If you want to protect your home with the best roofing and siding, we highly recommend visiting our website or giving us a call at 1-(866)-244-8029 for the best customer service.

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