The Time To Act Is Now, Get Your Roof Repaired

Another round of heavy rain struck New Haven County this weekend, leaving streets flooded and people stranded. This kind of weather is getting more frequent and intense around the area. More on that in this report from NBC Connecticut:

A second round of heavy rain moved into Connecticut on Friday night with some thunder and lightning with it.

Earlier in the day, emergency crews had to close streets and respond to stranded cars during flooding in New Haven on Friday afternoon.

Union Avenue looked like a river until the water receded.

The New Haven Fire Department had to tow a car that was in water on the Interstate 95 overpass at Boulevard and Kimberly.

The road is closed at Whitney Avenue and Grove Street in New Haven after a tree came down and crews are working taking care of it.

When another storm system brings about heavy rain again, are you sure your home is prepared for such occurrences? Maybe it’s time to assess each component of your household for assurance.

Some people tend to believe that just because they don’t see any damage or leaking yet, their roofs are fine. That is where those people are very wrong. When your roof is more than 10 years old, the wear and tear of the different weather patterns every year might have already taken its toll. Once damage does occur, it might be too late to do anything about it; resulting to more expensive solutions to your roofing conundrum.

Being able to do the necessary inspection and repair are the keys to your family’ safety and budget the next time another deluge hits our town. And when you need an expert opinion on roofing in Fairfield CT, contractors like Vinylume Home Improvement will be there to address your roofing needs.

Don’t wait for a storm to bring down your roof by maintaining its integrity through proper maintenance and repair. And when you need help, Vinylume Home Improvement’s expert assessment and labor is just a phone call away. Contact us today for your roofing in Greenwich CT and in the surrounding areas.

(Article Excerpt from Rain Floods New Haven Streets,

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