Tired of Reworking Your House’ Exterior Finish? Siding Installation Might Be The Solution

Reworking your exterior finishes this summer can turn your house’s entire appearance even more appealing. If you happen to decide to make improvements, now is the perfect time as the recent weather forecast on wfsb.com highlighted fine sunny weather in CT:

Thursday:  Mostly sunny, breezy and less humid.  Low: 62.  High: 84 inland, 84 shore.

Friday:    Mostly sunny, dry and comfortable.  Low: 56.  High: 78 inland, 77 shore.

Saturday:   Partly to mostly sunny and pleasant.  Low: 55.  High: 80 inland, 76 shore.

While these warm and welcoming weather conditions charm us to start renovation projects, it is quite inevitable for homeowners to think about which would be better and practical to do, to save money, time and effort. Choosing between exterior upgrade projects – siding installation and exterior painting – can be difficult as both offer increased aesthetic value and durability to a home. But how is the former better than the latter?

  • Reapplication. Repainting your exterior time and again can be tiresome, no matter how nice the weather is for you to enjoy doing it over. Although there are will come a time to paint your home, the effect from the first time you apply won’t be as quality after some time. On the other hand, vinyl siding has quite a number of colors you can choose from, making it aesthetically appealing without requiring you to reinstall yearly.
  • Longevity. Vinyl siding is made of high quality materials which make it durable, long lasting, and low maintenance. Exterior painting, however, does not guarantee the same great look as before as its color fade or peel due to extreme weather conditions, requiring you to repaint.
  • Style. Painting could be visually stunning. However, vinyl siding has a wide array of styles, designs, and colors that would definitely make your home stand out from the rest. To ensure that you’ll get what you exactly look for, you may ask a contractor of siding in Connecticut to assist you.

Vinyl Siding is indeed the best choice for your house remodeling project. For an appealing exterior, we at Vinylume Home Improvement offer the best vinyl siding in CT that is superb in quality, style, and color for your home.

(Article Excerpt From Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest in the Channel 3 Early Warning Forecast Center, wfsb.com, June 16, 2014)             

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