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Signature Exteriors Stamford Roofing and Siding Companies
Oct. 1 2021

Several roofing companies will install new siding for absurd rates. These same roofing and siding companies will upcharge you to get your roof replaced. Luckily, Signature exteriors are highly experienced in renovations.

Through the use of quality materials, your home will finally have that quality roof that you have been looking for. Our services make energy saving simple. Signature Exteriors specializes in roofing installation, vinyl siding and siding windows.

Customer satisfaction is our team’s first priority. Unlike other roofing and siding companies, we will provide our customers with free quotes before we get the job done. It is important that with every job we do, that we provide a free estimate stress free.

Other roofing and siding companies cannot do what Signature Exteriors do on a day to day basis. Our family owned business has been fixing home exteriors since 1951. Ever since then, our team has stayed devoted to making your home look new again.

When it comes to roofing and siding companies in Fairfield County, your options are endless. What sets Signature Exteriors apart from the other companies is our 20 year labor warranty. This means that if any installation related issues pop up after your installation, you are covered 100%.

This warranty lasts a very long time (20 years to be exact). Experiencing workmanship issues is common. Our team understands that better than anyone. Other roofing and siding companies will charge you extra to touch up on any problems.

Signature Exteriors guarantees our customers coverage and support. Improving your home does not have to be a liability in your life. Signature Exteriors Roofers will ensure you that you get a stress free renovation.

Your 20 year warranty will include a three- year “homeowner mishap” guarantee in order to fix any minor damage. Just like your warranty, this guarantee is 100% covered by our team at no extra cost.

When you hire signature exteriors for your siding job, our team will not disappoint. We will gladly give you an estimate of what your vinyl siding job or roofing job will cost. You can put your trust in Signature Exteriors in Stamford CT to do a job well done.

Signature Exteriors offers great work on vinyl siding, roofing and general exteriors. We promise to keep you covered and always be there for our customers. Roofing and siding companies have the reputation for not providing excellent service and passing the buck.

Signature exteriors guarantees a job well done and if it is less than expected full coverage for any restoration. We want you to hold us to our word. This means that we are held accountable for all restorations we do.

If the job is only sub par then we will take accountability for that job. Our number one priority is doing our job the right way. We strive to guarantee a happy customer at the end of the day. If the customer is less than pleased with the job, then we help make it right again.

Homeowners in Fairfield County and Stamford tend to appreciate and value honesty. Here at Signature Exteriors, honesty is our number one policy. Throughout our 70 years in the roofing industry, we have prided ourselves on staying open and honest with our customers.

From the time we offer you your first quote, we will not pressure you to buy. The Signature Exteriors team has a passion for beautiful restorations. Rather than pressure our customers to buy, we educate them on the best options.

Overall our team will inspect the situation at hand and look at the possible options to fix your home. We will work with our customers to determine what needs to be fixed and what needs to be restored. After educating you on options during your initial quote, we will step back and let you decide how you want to proceed.

We have a large amount of respect for each and every customer of ours. We strive to maintain a “do what we say” attitude during your siding and roofing job. We stand by what we say and guarantee full accountability for the job that is being done.

Before letting someone into our crew, we put them through a rigorous “vetting” process. This process ensures that the job on your home will be well executed. We perform a background check on new team members and have them provide us with a list of past jobs. We want to ensure you have the best workers on the job.

Do not hesitate to contact Signature Exteriors for a free quote. You can contact us at +1 866- 244-8029 or visit our website today.

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