Video Blog: Inspecting Your Roof for Leaks

Roof for Leaks

A roof leak left unattended can cause significant water damage to your home. But the average homeowner may have trouble identifying a leak, which is one reason we recommend having your roof professional inspected by roofing contractors on a regular basis. In the following video, GAF’s Alyssa Hall talks to Jason Joplin from GAF’s CARE Department about checking your roof for leaks.

Start From the Top

Rather than putting yourself in danger by climbing onto your roof, you can inspect your roof safely from the ground using a good pair of binoculars. Pay careful attention to the components of your roof that “stick out,” such as pipes, chimneys, skylights, and dormer windows. We also recommend inspecting the flashing, or the area where these protrusions meet the roof. Note any signs of water damage, or accumulated leaves and debris, and let your roofing contractor know.

Check the Gutters

Your gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home from water damage. To see if your gutters are clean, inspect the drip edge and make sure there’s no rotted wood, which can spread quickly and provide access to small animals.

Inspect Your Attic

Knowing what’s going on in your attic can help you get a complete picture of your roof’s condition. Grab a flashlight and inspect every inch of the attic. Look for signs of moisture, such as water stains, rotten wood, or mold. Such signs may mean that the attic isn’t evaporating properly, which could mean you need to have your attic ventilation vents replaced. Check the intake ventilation and make sure it’s clear from spider webs and dust bunnies.

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