Vinyl Siding: Get the Armor Your House Needs

With hot summers, cold winters, and precipitation consistently falling all throughout the year, there are plenty of extreme weather phenomena in Connecticut that would put the structure and design of houses to the test. The state is also prone to hurricanes, tornados, and thunderstorms so it would be wise to cover your house with a durable siding material like vinyl.


Aside from improving the appearance of the home and being nearly maintenance free, vinyl siding offers many other advantages. Vinyl siding is an affordable alternative to other types of siding which offers style, easy care and durability. Because it requires fewer resources to manufacture and maintain, and because it is recyclable, vinyl siding is also an environmentally friendly option.

Perhaps the most important advantage of vinyl siding is its affordability. Vinyl is now one the most commonly utilized synthetics in construction because of its quality and price. Vinyl siding can cost anywhere from 25% to about 50%less than wood and aluminum siding, making it the best overall value.

Vinyl siding, apart from its protection and aesthetic values, offers a lot of other benefits that bare-walled structures do not have. With colored panels, your house will never need painting and repainting – you only need to clean the panels once or twice a year. The material also makes your house impervious to water and acts as shield to protect the more important skeletal walls of your house.

More local homeowners who were convinced of the benefits of vinyl have employed the installation services of Vinylume Products Inc, a trusted provider of siding in CT. The company is a quality source for insulated glass and vinyl windows and has been consistently delivering guaranteed workmanship since 1964. This CT vinyl siding provider only installs 100% virgin grade-A vinyl extrusions and is certified by Energy Star and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

(Article Excerpt and Image from, What are the advantages of vinyl siding?)

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