Vinyl: The Low-Maintenance Siding Option

inyl has remained a top choice for siding since its introduction in the 1950s. It is durable, energy-efficient and easy to install. It also comes in a diverse selection of colors and textures, with complementary accessories to boot. Vinyl siding is also notably easy to clean and maintain. Unlike wood, which can rot, split and sustain insect damage, vinyl only calls for periodic washing. Best of all, this siding option doesn’t require painting.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Vinylume Home Improvement, your top contractor for quality siding and roofing, shares these easy tips to keep your vinyl siding in CT in great condition.

  • Periodically inspect your siding for spots of mold and mildew.
  • Check for trapped moisture beneath your vinyl siding. This can cause wallpaper and paint inside your home to peel and blister. If you suspect hidden decay in your siding, ask your contractor for advice.
  • Place and use your gas grill a safe distance away from your siding.
  • Keep in mind that tree limbs and other heavy objects can damage your siding on impact.
  • You can maintain your vinyl siding’s appearance by washing it with a soft cloth. For textured surfaces, use a long-handled, soft bristle brush.

Vinyl Siding by Vinylume Home Improvement

Since 1967, homeowners have trusted Vinylume Home Improvement for quality CT vinyl siding. We offer a variety of colors, patterns and profiles, including horizontal and vertical panels, shakes, shingles, Dutch lap and beaded designs. With our vinyl siding, we will make sure that your home maximizes its curb appeal and comfort.

Our experienced team is also highly trained and certified by CertainTeed. If your old siding is already giving you trouble, look no further than Vinylume Home Improvement for replacement. Enjoy the benefits our expert installation can provide, including consistent quality, aesthetic appeal and reliable performance. Call us today at 866-244-8029.

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