What Your Roofing Contract Should Spell Out

A good roofing contract should contain everything you need to know about your project and lay out guidelines for the non-technical matters. Before you sign on the dotted line, Vinylume recommends making sure the written agreement has the following:

Roofing Contract

Contractor Details

First and foremost, it should include the name of the roofing company, its physical address and contact details. Although these pieces of information are already mentioned in the initial bid, ensure your contract has them as well because it’s the legal document.

Start and Completion Dates

Good contracts say when the project will start and expected to complete. The completion date, however, is generally just an estimate. Nevertheless, the actual day the

job gets finished should be close to what was initially targeted.

Cost Breakdown

A roofing contract should provide a rundown of the cost of materials, labor, necessary permits and other essential expenses, such as cleanup and construction waste disposal. There may be no telling the final price of the job until it’s completed, but the amount stated on the contract must reflect what was promised to you.

Product Information (Including the Warranty)

A good home improvement contract shouldn’t just provide a detailed list of materials that will be used for the job. It must also give the specifics like the product’s brand, model, color, etc.


The responsibilities section is perhaps the most important part of any roofing contract. It should discuss the things the company is supposed to do for you and those it’s not responsible for. It helps to take notes during the initial consultation to ensure that you won’t be taken for a ride. If the contract fails to mention any promises made to you beforehand, raise the issue, and iron out any misunderstanding before beginning the project.

Change Order Provisions

The contract sets things in stone, but the agreement should provide a process both parties must follow when changes have to be made. Since making adjustments or adding anything to the work could affect your project’s cost and schedule, you must be comfortable with how things would be handled to protect your best interests.

Payment Term Specifics

The contract should clearly define how payments are going to be made, including down payments and progress payments. Also, it should contain a provision allowing you to withhold the final payment if the job isn’t completed to your satisfaction.

A Termination Clause

A good roofing contract provides a way out. It must list reasons either party can terminate the agreement without any penalty, especially when certain conditions are violated.

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