Why Functional Roofs Are Never Without Proper Ventilation

Roof with Ventilation
Jul. 21 2017

Adequate attic ventilation is the unsung hero of most energy-efficient and long-lasting roofing systems. By optimizing the stack and wind effect, you can increase the flow of air in the attic to make it cool.

Proper Ventilation

Here’s why your roofing system must comprise a well-designed ventilation system:

It Prevents Overheating

In summer, inadequate ventilation could make your attic temperature go up to 140°F on a 90°F day. Even the most reflective roof absorbs a portion of the sun’s heat, transmitting the energy down. With poorly designed intake and exhaust vents, your attic would trap the heat instead of releasing it.

An overheated attic could fry your asphalt shingles from the inside, causing curling and accelerating wear. Combined with high levels of moisture, the massive summer heat would damage the roof decking, leading to premature failure.

It Prevents High Energy Consumption

The excessive heat in the attic could also travel down to your living areas. In turn, it would raise the air temperature in your rooms, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to achieve and maintain your desired indoor climate. Any roofing expert would say that poor attic ventilation translates to high cooling costs.

It Prevents Condensation

In winter, the warm, moist air from the lower parts of your home would rise and try to go outside. When it reaches the cold attic, the moisture would condense on every surface below the dew point and turn into drops of liquid. The dampening of your wood deck would suck its strength, compromising its ability to carry the load of your roof. Wet insulation is ineffective and promotes the growth of mold and mildew, affecting the indoor air quality of your home.

Furthermore, poor attic ventilation could lead to ice dam formation. It makes the eaves colder than the plain of the roof, melting the snow only to refreeze it again when it reaches the edges.

Investing in a roofing system with premium intake and exhaust vents is critical to achieving maximum energy efficiency and preserving your home’s structural integrity. This is why Vinylume chose to carry GAF, giving you access to high-performance accessories that extend the service lives of shingles for decades.

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