Looking for Roofing Contractors? Here’s How You Find The Best One.

Nov. 30 2020

There are numerous roofing contractors in Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, that claim to offer the best deals in the region. But homeowners should be careful! You can experience at least two different issues if you hire cut rate roof replacement installers.

For starters, even if a roof replacement company offers the lowest price, it might not offer the reliable, high-quality home improvement service that a homeowner needs. Budget roofing contractors are notorious for quoting low prices for low quality work, but homeowners often end up paying even more for this type of poor service in the long run. A poor roofing project may last only a couple of years, and at that point, the homeowner will be out even more money, especially if another new roofing installation is needed.

Find local roofing contractors that you can trust by reading reviews online and checking websites to be sure they use high-quality roof shingles. If the reviews or the products aren’t of a quality that you would expect, move on and find a roof replacement contractor that will do your roof repair properly.

A second problem with supposedly cheap roofing contractors is their reputation for nickel and diming customers during and after the job. If your roof replacement installer charges unexpected or hidden fees, you’ll likely end up paying more than you would have to hire a more reputable company. Worse, the contractor will make off like a bandit because the project has already been started, so it will be more difficult for the homeowner to make a change. And even though some roofing contractors charge hidden fees, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do a good job. You won’t be happy having paid a premium price for a poor-quality roof, so stick with a contractor you know you can trust.

Fortunately, there is one name that has been trusted in Connecticut and New York since 1951, and that’s Signature Exteriors. Signature Exteriors has been family owned and operated for nearly 70 years, and the company has completed more roofing jobs than anyone else in the area. You know you can trust Signature Exteriors because their customers rave about their products and come back generation after generation to receive the same high-quality installations every time. What’s more, Signature Exteriors will never charge additional fees or require change orders that can cost homeowners hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

There are no hidden or extra fees, no unexpected lines on your invoice at the end of the project when you work with Signature Exteriors. You will pay the price you’re quoted and not a dime more, because that is the principle that has kept them in business for decades.

Signature Exteriors is a roof replacement company that promises an efficient, high-quality job that’s done the right way at a low price. When you shake hands with a Signature Exteriors roofer at the end of the job, you’ll know you have received workmanship and materials that will last for years. That peace of mind only comes from roofing contractors that have been established in the area for decades.

In Fairfield and Westchester counties, homeowners will only get that type of service from Signature Exteriors. Learn more about the roofing services provided by Signature Exteriors, or to schedule a free consultation, visit https://www.signatureexteriors.com/vinylume/.

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