Money Can’t Buy Happiness but it can Surely Buy You a Nice Place to Live

We often wonder how rich people spend all their money, apart from the obvious wardrobe, cars, travel and gadgets. If you’re curious enough to surf the world-wide-web to know how these people spend their wealth, then you may have probably stumbled upon a topic or two about their homes.

Now we all know that wealthy people love spending money on themselves, but they love spending more for the upkeep of their beautiful houses. They make sure that they get the best materials and services because, well, they can sure afford it. Contractors for roofing Greenwich CT residents must be some of the most hardworking and dedicated people, as they have tough standards to fill; apparently, that’s where a lot of wealthy people go to settle down, according to this post:

Stephen Higley, a professor emeritus of urban social geography at the University of Montevallo, ranked the richest neighborhoods in the U.S. based on American Community Survey 2006-10 data, according to a report from Business Insider.

“New York City has long been considered the playground of America’s millionaires and billionaires,” Business Insider wrote in the report. “But as many of the city’s high earners start families and seek more space, they move out to the suburbs surrounding the city.”

The entire list, including methodology, can be viewed online at The Higley 1000 website.

The following are the wealthiest neighborhoods named to the list from Fairfield County:

No. 1: The Golden Triangle in Greenwich. Mean household income: $614,242. Richest neighborhood in the United States.

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(Article Excerpt from Greenwich Ranked As Richest Suburb of New York City,

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