How to Handle Roof Leaks Until You Get Professional Help


Leaky roofs aren’t considerate in their arrival time. Should they happen when roofing contractors in Fairfield County are unable to get to you for a few hours, you’ll want to do what you can to handle the problem on your own so it doesn’t worsen until help arrives. Here are a few steps to take to keep from turning your home into an impromptu swimming pool.

Find Where the Leak Is Coming From

Hopefully, it’s not raining when your roof starts leaking. Otherwise, you’ll likely have a hard time determining where the leak is coming from. Know that the leak you see in your ceiling and the leak you have in your roof might not perfectly match up. Roofing contractors in Fairfield County can help you look at joints in plywood to see if the leak is coming from there if there’s a layer of plywood under your roof covering.

Punch a Hole in Your Ceiling

Making another hole in your ceiling when your roof is leaking sounds counter intuitive, but doing so can alleviate the problem from worsening. Specifically, you want to find the bubble in your ceiling where the water is dripping and puncture it in the center. Doing so alleviates pressure on your ceiling, pressure that has the potential to lead to your entire roof collapsing, which can lead to a collapse in your finances.

See If a Temporary Fix Will Help

Some temporary fixes roofing contractors in Fairfield County might recommend until they’re able to get to you include roofing tape, roofing cement or a tarp, all of which can be found at a home improvement store. If you feel a tarp is your best option, make sure you’re careful when climbing up on your roof, and make sure you secure the tarp with 2x4s.

When your roof springs a leak, the pros of Signature Exteriors are a phone call away at 1-866-244-8029.

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