The Key Features of GAF Roofing Warranties

Being the best roofing contractor in the state isn’t a claim for us. It’s a fact. That’s because we have been officially recognized and accredited as part of the GAF Master Elite® President’s Club. This distinction is given to only three percent of roofing contractors in the entire country.

The Key Features of GAF Roofing Warranties

One of the benefits is that we can provide our customers with various warranties from GAF, including the Golden Pledge® Limited warranty. Read on and see how they work:

How Are They Provided?

First, you must be a GAF Master Elite contractor. This means our workers are under constant training to learn the latest roofing techniques. It also means our workers have access to the best materials for roofing installation and repair.

What Do They Cover?

Upon inspection and affirmation that your warranty is valid, we can go ahead and repair or replace your roof. Depending on which warranty you choose, you have a limited coverage based on time, workmanship errors and damage.

Years and Coverage for Material Defects

Our Shingle and Accessory Limited Warranty, the lowest of the tiers, only covers shingles for up to 10 years. It cuts down to either three or five years if your roof uses three-tab shingles. The System Plus Limited Warranty and everything above it cover the entire system for up to 50 years, including labor costs.

Years and Coverage for Workmanship Errors

Our base warranty does not cover any workmanship errors and accepts any installers for the job. Meanwhile, the Golden Pledge Limited warranty can provide between 25-30 years of workmanship coverage. The Golden Pledge is the only one to cover tear-off costs. It is also the only warranty where reinstallation is officially backed by GAF.

How Do I Use Them?

When you need it, be sure to notify GAF within 30 days after noticing a problem. You need to provide proof of the date your GAF roofing was applied and that you were the homeowner at the time it was installed. Once this takes effect, the costs for labor and materials are covered depending on which warranty you have.

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