The Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Roofing System

The roof may be your home’s shield against the harsh elements but that doesn’t mean it’s completely immune to all of the wear and tear it has to put up with. If you want to keep your roof functioning efficiently, you need to know the critical parts of a roofing system. The more you know about your roof, the easier it will be to spot roofing problems and the sooner you can get help from professional roofing contractors.

The Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Roofing System


The fascia is a vertical surface several inches wide that runs along the edge of your roof. It’s usually made of wood or sheet metal and it’s the closest thing to a roof trim. The fascia works as a physical barrier to keep water from seeping into the edges of the roof and also serves as an “anchor point” where the gutter system can be attached to. A clogged gutter system can cause water to damage the fascia and seep further into the other parts of the roof.


If the fascia keeps water from the roof edges of the roof, the flashing keeps water from seeping via the roofing system’s ridges and valleys (the intersecting parts of two roof planes). Because of its location, water runoff from the roof tend to get channeled into where the flashing is before flowing straight into the gutters. This means even the smallest gaps in the flashing caused by warping or damaged sealants can lead to severe moisture damage if left unchecked.


The topmost layer of the roof, the shingles receive the most punishment from harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Although shingles are designed to last, strong wind and other physical factors can knock them clean off your roof, exposing the deck and underlayment. If you see any signs of missing or damaged shingles, you need to have them replaced ASAP.


Although technically not a part of the roofing system, roofers consider gutters as a “priority” when it comes to checking for roofing problems. Debris can easily clog an unprotected gutter, keeping it from diverting water runoff away from your home, thus causing other problems such as ice dams during the colder months.

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