Vinyl Siding Provides All The Style With None Of The Hassle

Signature Exteriors Stamfod Siding And Roofing
Mar. 7 2021

If you take pride in your home, then you take every step to make sure its exterior reflects that. For a long time, people have felt that the best way to make their house look good was to use wood siding. The idea was that other materials looked cheap and did little to enhance the appearance of your house. Stylish as wood siding may be, it has flaws that would require you to continually hire siding and roofing contractors in order to fix it. But, vast improvements in the quality and appearance of vinyl siding over the years have made it the perfect material for your home, and no siding contractors can use vinyl siding to make your house look brand new like the experts at Signature Exteriors.

Advancements in the manufacturing of vinyl siding has made it into a material that is just as visually versatile as wood siding. Wood siding has been viewed as the superior siding material because it is highly customizable. The material provides options for different patterns when it comes to the layout of the pieces, and painting wood siding allows you to easily pick the color that works for you. But now thanks to the expertise of the siding and roofing contractors at Signature Exteriors, we can help you get the exact look you are going for while using vinyl siding.

Signature Exteriors has the widest selection of vinyl siding you can find in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Any color that you can think of, we can provide you with a beautiful vinyl siding in that color that looks indistinguishable from traditional wood siding. Also, we offer vinyl siding patterns that will transform your house into the home of your dreams. Whether you want to replicate the look of cedar, bevel-edged wood, or anything in between, the experts at Signature Exteriors are the only siding and roofing contractors that can make your dream a reality.

So you may be wondering, it’s great that vinyl siding can be just as stylish as wood, but why should I choose vinyl for just being visually equal to wood? The answer is that vinyl siding’s true strength lies in the ease it creates for you as a homeowner. First, vinyl siding is easier and quicker to install, especially in the hands of the experts at Signature Exteriors. This cuts down on the time standing between you and a beautiful new exterior. So right off the bat, vinyl siding has functional advantages over wood siding.

Another advantage of vinyl siding is just how durable it is. Vinyl siding is unaffected by moisture or humidity, and is less affected by insects than wood siding is. Additionally, with great strides having been made in vinyl technology, you can expect the vinyl siding on your house to last up to 70 years. So when you trust Signature Exteriors’ siding and roofing contractors to install vinyl siding, you know that you won’t need to worry about working on your house’s exterior again for a long time

The low maintenance vinyl siding requires is another huge advantage it has over wood siding. With wood siding, you have to worry about having to repeatedly paint and scrape your home’s exterior. With vinyl siding’s color being built right into the material, maintaining your siding is one less thing you have to worry about.

If you think that vinyl siding is the kind of upgrade that your home needs, please see how we can help you by visiting or calling (866) 244-8029 today!

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