Why Fall Is the Perfect Season for Roof Replacement

Many homeowners consider summer the best season for roof replacement, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get it done any other time of the year. In fact, in our experience as roofing contractors, we can say that fall is the perfect time to get your roof replaced.

Why Fall Is the Perfect Season for Roof Replacement

Fall Is Less Busy

Summer is generally a busy season for home improvement contractors, as many other homeowners get their roofs replaced at this same time. A summer roof replacement means you will need to finalize your roof replacement schedule as early as spring; otherwise, you’ll have fewer options with the schedule or the roofing contractor of your choice.

Doing your home improvements over a busy season runs the risk of project delays. While most capable roofers have contingency plans for such circumstances, a less experienced roofer might not. A single delay in their queue could delay other projects down the line, practically causing a domino effect. This rarely happens in the fall – you can schedule your project with confidence, knowing that delays will not drastically affect your project.

Fall Has Cooler Weather

Most roofing materials have high temperature tolerances and certain types—mostly commercial roofing materials—are ideally installed while the weather is hot. Typical asphalt shingle roofing, on the other hand, are installed under cooler weather. Installers also tend to work faster and more efficiently when not trying to endure prolonged exposure to the sun.

You’ll Have Your Home Ready for Winter

Since your roof plays a large role in keeping you comfortable during the winter season, having a newly completed roof in the fall means you can expect a nice, warm winter soon after. In addition to replacing the outer roof, issues with the attic insulation are addressed if it could compromise your roof’s long-term performance. Improved insulation helps reduce heat loss, which can lead to energy savings.

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