Part 1: A 3-Step Guide to Hiring a Great Roofing Contractor – The Right Credentials

If you need to replace your roof or have any kind of repair work done, then it’s time to hire a roofing contractor. In most communities, there are multiple roofing companies to choose from. However, the biggest concern is that not all of those eager roofers have the credentials that demonstrate they are licensed professionals with a history of providing excellent service.

As a homeowner, it is your job to ensure that the roofer you are going to hire is not only competent enough to finish your roofing project, but also licensed to provide the services that the company is offering. There is much at stake here, because you are investing thousands of dollars in a home improvement project that will affect the overall value of your home.

So what are the credentials that roofers should have before they become worthy of your consideration? Here’s a list for you to remember.

  • Physical address. Avoid fly-by-night roofers by hiring only a company with a permanent physical address. Also verify the contractor’s phone number and tax identification number.
  • License and permits. Simply put, if a roofer doesn’t have a license, there’s no reason to hire him. You want a company that is not only in good standing with your local and state governments, but also one that is trustworthy in terms of the skills and equipment they have.
  • Insurance coverage. If you hire an uninsured roofing company and injury or accidents happen on the job, you may be impacted financially. Always check whether a roofer has current liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Manufacturer certifications and warranties. Manufacturer certificates of training are a good sign of a company’s competence, while manufacturers’ warranties are proof that only materials of superior quality are going to be used on your roof, and defects will be covered by the manufacturer.

Roofing Scams Still Abound

Roofing scams are not limited to travelling “storm chasers,” so it pays to be wary of who you are letting into your home. By ensuring a company has all of the credentials discussed above, you will be able to find a trustworthy contractor who will help you maintain your most important investment.

Vinylume Home Improvement would be pleased to provide proof of all the credentials discussed above. Call us today at (866) 244-8029 or contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation and estimate!

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon, to find out more questions to ask to help you narrow down your choice of a roofing contractor.

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