Part 3: A 3-Step Guide to Hiring a Great Roofing Contractor – The Right Price

Congratulations, you have reached the third stage of hiring a roofing contractor! In our two previous posts, we have discussed the importance of hiring a roofer with all the right credentials, and why it pays to check a contractor’s reputation before you hire him. Now our focus turns to getting the company with the most to offer in terms of value for your money, without sacrificing quality.

Finding the Balance Between Cost & Quality

When choosing the roofer for your installation, repair or replacement project, a great deal of comparison and analysis is needed. Some people quickly hire the roofer with the cheapest bid, only to find paying a little more for a contractor who does better work would have alleviated many problems.

The key here is to find that sweet spot between satisfactory work and reasonable pricing. That is what you should base your final decision on (after considering both credentials and reputation).

To give you an idea of what your roofing project is going to cost, contact Vinylume Home Improvement. We can give you preliminary estimates based on the following criteria:

• Type of roofing material
• House dimensions
• Pitch (roof slope)
• Complexity of the roof
• Layers to be torn off
• Number of levels

Other costs that may be included in the estimate are replacement of rotted wood, ventilation, flashing installations and repairs, labor and disposal of torn-off roofing. These factors are generally what makes the final cost go up or down, so it pays to know what these numbers are.

While Vinylume isn’t always the cheapest contractor around, the outstanding products, exceptional workmanship and commitment to your satisfaction make us the contractor that offers the best value. We also offer special promotions to help you get the most for your money! Call us now at (866) 244-8029 to experience award-winning service for you and your home.

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